All of us need to dream. I had a dream of becoming a professional sportsman but so did 1000’s of others. The odds are stacked heavily against any of us with a dream worth chasing.

What if you could save months or even years on the path to your dreams?        Having the inside lane, knowing what to focus on when and which skills you need is a sure way to fast track your development.

The exhilarating highs, the inevitable lows, the successes and the defeats, the injuries, the loss of form and the purple patch, starting well and finishing strong, you name them… I’ve seen them all during my 15 years in professional sport.

I’m Passionate about partnering with sportsmen, like you, to help navigate these different seasons and sometimes very challenging times ahead on your journey.

I have experienced the tremendous impact positive mentors had on my career…. I only wish I had them earlier on in my career. From my Dad to a teacher a coach a mates dad or even an older friend. Mentors come in various shapes and sizes; sometimes intentional other times purely by change, they may come in the form of a word in season, a random encouraging act or sometimes even just a ear to listen. A mentors are usually someone who has walked the road you wish to go on or at least a part thereof.

Your mentor should always have your best interest at heart, they need to be honest, sincere, challenge you and hopefully help equip you for your journey. Anyone can tell you straight out what it is they believe you need to work on but a mentor is someone that can deliver the often hard truth in such a way that it propels you forward.

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guide, advise and help sportsman to make the most of their opportunities and maximise their potential, be it playing 2nd team for your school or becoming a professional.